Edible bodies

Since opening in 2007, we choose a yearly focal point to further deepen the research in contemporary performance and the domestic stage. Glasshouse announces ‘Edible Bodies’ as the theme for the 2016-2017 season.

Food is a relational actant. It manifests a temporary otherness- once swallowed its coherence gradually dissipates until it completely absorbs in the body. Once dissolved it becomes our cells. The edible gets assimilated into us. It has a formative power which acts on the body. It's a process that performs much longer than the act (of eating). This happens daily. The edible as a truly immersive, relational, durational performance of an other is the focus of our coming year.

We welcome performance artists of all disciplines to propose projects relating to food in its bio-socio-political metaphorical context, under the following categories:
+ 24 Hour Dinner Performance (September 2016)
A collective artistic effort to create a 24 hour meal where every element (sourcing/ preparing/ dining/ remains) is based on performance.
+ An Edible Manifesto- Homage Performance to the Futurist Dinner (October 2016)
+ Winter Residency (February 2017)
+ In addition we accept proposals for solo projects relating the theme.

Deadline for submitting all proposals is August 10, 2016 11:59pm

Please include the following in a single pdf file:

1. Proposal (max 250 words)
2. Artist Statement (max 300 word)
3. Resume (1 page)
4. Proposal tech spec (100 words)
5. 5 images + descriptions of previous work
6. Link to video with documentation of previous work (up to 2 videos)

Please name the file with the submission category followed by your last name.
Example: 24h performance 2016_last name.pdf

7. Attach two letters of reference in a seperate document

 Inquiries and submissions should be sent to: email.glasshouse@gmail.com