• Date: 11/4/2014




Multidisciplinary performance by artists: Tragedy (Claire Moodey, Maxwell Cramer, Ariel Stess, and Milo Cramer) Jon Konkol, Honey McMoney, and Penis (Sophia Cleary and Samara Davis). A space to witness the intertwinings of these artists’ work, and the not so formal launching of performance journal ‘INVISIBLE ARTISTS,’ at Glasshouse ArtLifeLab (246 Union Avenue) on November 4th, 7-11pm. Back-to-back performances. Come on time, leave as you wish. Come back in, leave again.

Artists in performance order:

TRAGEDY is a comedy by Claire Moodey, Maxwell Cramer, Ariel Stess, and Milo Cramer. 

Jon Konkol is an artist in Brooklyn. He makes performance based sculpture, movies, paintings, and books.

Honey McMoney is an artist. 

Penis is a feminist punk band committed to transformation. Penis is Sophia Cleary and Samara Davis.

INVISIBLE ARTISTS is an online journal dedicated to issues of emergence and sustainability in artistic communities, organized by Alex Romania.

Curated by Alex Romania