• Date: 7/3/2015


Glasshouse's First Ever Fundraising Capmapign!

Dear friends, colleagues and beyond–

As we are approaching Glasshouse's 4th season in Brooklyn we are excited and humbled to share with you our first ever fundraising campaign. As many of you know, Glasshouse ArtLifeLab is a multifaceted art project that is dedicated to support performance art and it's community, operating in Brooklyn since 2012.

Since opening in Brooklyn, we have hosted performances of over 250 artists with audiences of many thousands in residencies, performances, productions, practices and publications.
We don't charge money at the door for our public programs and relying solely on suggested donations, based on our motto that "Art should be experienced at a place that allows staying", we treat hosting as an artistic practice.

We are sharing this with you at an early stage of the campaign in hope that you might be interested in supporting Glasshouse and the performance community as we are approaching our 4th season.

We are aiming to raise the ambitious sum of $29,550 to cover production, programming, publication, honorariums and operational costs of a successful season at Glasshouse. More information could be found on our fundraising page and we also welcome any question.

We know how inundated we all are with requests for money, and that you may or may not be able to provide substantial resources at this moment in time. Just know that any amount makes a difference and, if you are not able to give, helping to spread the word can be equally powerful.

Please click the following link to enter our campaign on Hatchfund.org:


Why we chose to work with Hatchfund:

Hatchfund’s mission is to provide resources and support to the artists who advance culture and inspire brilliance. Projects on Hatchfund enjoy a 75% success rate. This crowdfunding service is free for artists with donors helping fund operations with small additional donations. For more information, visit Hatchfund at www.hatchfund.org.

Thank you for your support,

Lital & Eyal
Glasshouse co-founders