• Date: 9/16/2015


Dhira Rauch

The Proof is in the Processor

Wednesday, September 16, 2015, 7pm

Price: $20 (Tickets: http://www.beatbrooklyn.com/the-proof-is-in-the-processor/)


Equal parts performance, installation and lecture, this nerdy clown romp covers the entire evolution of information technology in less time than it takes for your morning commute. The speed of information is growing exponentially, yet we can’t always evolve quickly enough to keep up. Join Dhira in asking the Big Questions about what it all means. Through a large webbed installation constructed live around the audience and a hands-on interactive lecture using giant props, wordplay and experimental beat-boxing, we’ll be dealing with technology and our relationship to the din of information coming at us. From cave paintings to Google Glass, we’ll cover the mega meta beta bytes, making simulacra macramé and exploring the heightened semiotics of OMG.

Dhira Rauch makes new theater with old things. She has performed throughout New York (Galapagos, Danspace, Ontological Theater, Brooklyn Lyceum, Heliopolis, Collective Unconscious, 80 St. Marks, etc), on giant boats in San Francisco (WePlayers), and in various media and mediums in Scotland, Los Angeles and Kansas City. In the interest of asking the questions with no marks, Dhira has led paratheatrical research in Iceland, eaten popcorn nearing the speed of light, and corrupted academic conferences by transforming podiums into performative slinkies. She is deeply connected to the performance of food, and sometimes moonlights as a sushi chef, performing the precision of the palate with an extremely large knife. She holds a Masters in Creative Inquiry from EPI at New College and a BFA from Tisch Experimental Theater Wing. Dhira currently curates events and happenings in Industry City and runs a Creative Residency program in New Jerusalem, PA, through Holes in the Wall Collective, a curatorial organization merging people/art/ideas and materials, where she is the co-founder and co-director. For more information, visit www.dhirarauch.com and www.holesinthewallcollective.org.


Cover image credit: #HFSNYC