• Date: 9/24/2015

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Out Of The Ash

An Immersive Theater Experience Based On the Words of Sylvia Plath

Co-produced by Asylos and Glasshouse ArtLifeLab

Directed by G.J. Dowding


Thursday, September 24, 8PM
Friday, September 25, 8PM
Saturday, September 26, 8PM

Thursday, October 1, 8PM
Friday, October 2, 8PM
Saturday, October 3, 8PM

***General Tickets: $35, Early Bird (ends September 5): $25Tickets:

Out Of The Ash is devised from the timeless text of Sylvia Plath, an extraordinarily progress thinker, from her novel The Bell Jar, her poetry, her short stories, namely Mothers, her letters and her journals. Out Of The Ash is an immersive theater experience that puts a harsh and glaring lense on domesticity and traditional gender roles. Five women occupy the House of Esther and inhabit the personas of mythology idols such as The Fates, Medusa, Isis, Mary Magdalene and Lady MacBeth. Sylvia Plath, the lavender sea goddess, reigns supreme over these marionettes. Each character is brought to life by Sylvia to act out a monotonous daily story around the dinner table, sometimes envoking the spirit of Sylvia herself as well as her mother and father, her husband and his misstress. Out Of The Ash invites the audience to tour the House of Esther with these five women and to stick around for a four course meal, complete with cocktail hour, sausages and dough bread. 

Playwright/Costume/Set Designer: G.J. Dowding
Immersion Directors: G.J. Dowding and Bo Frazier
Sound Designer: Felix Flores
Lighting Designer: Jonathan Cottle

Performed by Teresa Braun, Elisa Marti, Amanda Rothman, Virginia Rupert and Yael Shavitt




Formerly produced with Dixon Place at the HOT! Festival (July 2015)

Asylos is a theater collective that creates devised, immersive performance that directly engages the audience into the work. The Asylos ensemble explores collaborative development throught poetry, prose and highly engaged movement.
The current members of the ensemble, led by artistic director, G.J. Dowding, include: Teresa Braun, Elisa Marti, Amanda Rothman, Virginia Rupert and Yael Shavitt.

Asylos artistic director G.J. Dowding began self-producing in the summer of 2012 with his original work, Quizzically Quimsical. After three intensely magical months of rehearsal, the show played September 7-9 at the Gene Frankel Theatre in Manhattan, featuring current company members, Elisa Marti and Yael Shavitt, and was a poetry-prose driven piece. With this first project, G.J. discovered his love of creating original theater from poetry and movement.

Quizzically Quimsical went through an evolution period over the next year and was featured in the summer of 2013 in the HOT! Festival at Dixon Place as (Miss)ter Silhouette Man, featuring most of the original cast.

The sort of intimate, wacky chemistry that developed within the ensemble seemed the very essence of what a theater company should be: A collaboratively connected group of artists that builds original characters and performances through heartbreakingly vulnerable and genuine interactions.

In the spring of 2014, Asylos decided to begin a trilogy of shows that would be devised from words by iconic American authors. Crystal Jukebox Hymn, based on text from Bob Dylan's 1966 experimental poetry-prose collection Tarantula, began rehearsals in April of 2014. The specificity of the company's work grew immensely during the highly experimental rehearsal process. The show performed as a work-in-progress at Glasshouse ArtLifeLab in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during the last weekend of July. Crystal Jukebox Hymn later had a full production in October of 2014 at The Brick, also in Williamsburg.

Asylos is currently working on a piece devised from text by the sea goddess, Sylvia Plath, called Out Of The Ash.