• Date: 9/28/2012



Ivy Castellanos, Brad Kessler, Anya Liftig, Yasmeen Sudairy, Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry

Glasshouse is happy to host it's first homage performance in the new location in Brooklyn with an evening dedicated to works of Ana Mendieta.

Performances happen simultaneously in all of Glasshouse's spaces 

View images from the performance here

Performance Program:

Gallery Level:
The Flesh at the End of Your Life, Ivy Castellanos
The body in relationship to its silohuette is a flat reproduction of self.
Mendieta sunk the silohuette (Silueta Series 1973-1980) in the earth repositioning them into three dimensional forms. The leftover space the body occupied contains an action of a historical body. As she created 'earth-body' sculptures in relationship to body and earth, Ivy investigates the body as sculpture and its actions and limitations while moving through space.

marsia.tmp, Yasmeen Sudairy
An empiricist inquiry into Ana Mendieta's blood paths.
The mobius strip of the body and it's multiplicities is the driving action of the narrative of my "marsia". The scenes are not really seductive, and not entirely traumatic. I confess the uncertainty to the talismanic concepts in my acts.
This is a cycle of 5:
1. Starting position - dysfunction.
2. Projected object - orientation.
3. Symbolically functioning object - glyphic motion.
4. Machine object - Ashura rhythms.
5. Molded object - hypnagogic state.

Iowa Moulter, Bradford Kessler
The waves from both sides slowly engulf me, I sink into a dark cave. An after-image of the Red Sea splitter hovers above my body seducing me into a 4 hour co-existence. I am forced to consent but we share an uncontrollable blood lust for technological biological transmutation so it's not an awkward first date. The splitter asks if I am a woman. I say yes trying to hide the evil snake who continues shedding layers of my personal history. The stratification of that history forms a driftless grid from which I cannot escape. The winter is cold and the summer is hot but the spring and fall are long and perfect. If only they too co-existed I could stay here forever. 

Backyard (view from living & bedroom windows)
I Am Not Resisting, Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry
Homage to Mendieta's Untitled (Rape Scene), 1973

Mastering the Art of Cooking Ana Mendieta, Anya Liftig
Working with two images from Mendeita's Silutea series.