An Invitation (To Practice)

Fri, May 16, 11-5 Pm (Day)
Sat, May 17, 7- 11Pm (Eve)

Entrance is free and open to the public

As an opening/ celebration/ gathering/ introduction to this new initiative by Glasshouse ArtLifeLab, WORKsPace hosts a weekend of gatherings around the topic of PRACTICE and Process. 

FRIDAY Program, 11-5pm
Welcome, gathering and introduction (coffee, tea and snacks)

11:30am- 1pm
Sara Jane Bailes: An Open Letter (workshop and warm-up)

Communal Salad / Practice FundaMentals (Roundtable/discussion and the making of communal salad- each participant brings one ingredient to add)
Some of the discussed topics:
+ What are the ingredients that form a productive creative environment?
+ Can a daily practice be sustainable?
+ What does your practice NEED?
+ What can you bring to the salad?

The Vision of WORKsPace (talk & presentation)

3:30-4:30pm: Invisible Artists/ Under- Construction: presented by Alex Romania (presentation and discussion)

4:30-5pm: Reception

Meet Glasshouse's Fellows (and Member)
Sarah Elizabeth Bisceglie, Ariana Cameron, JP Faienza, Amanda Hunt, Julien Melendez, Marcela Pardo A, Kahiem Rivera, Alex Romania, Annie Doran and Lathan Hardy, Angeli Sion (Per Form) and David Griess.

Join us to a festive celebration of PRACTICE!

WORKsPACE at Glasshouse ArtLifeLab is an affordable co-working space for freelance thinkers and makers who seek a productive working environment that stimulates their processes. Learn more about this here:

  • Date: 5/16/2014

  • An Invitation (To Practice)

    An Invitation (To Practice)