• Date: 7/5/2013



JULY 4- 28

Framing BIPAF Exhibition
The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF) has been framed as a performance since its inception in June of 2012. Throughout the process of organizing the festival, we have focused our practices around the idea that BIPAF is a collectively-performed work of constructive institutional critique. For us, this framing has informed curatorial, structural, and logistic decisions and also relieved emotional and psychological pressures as we perform the practically impossible in terms of labor, time, energy, and focus.

Most generally, the framing of BIPAF as “art,” in and of itself, has allowed organizers to deeply consider structural elements of the festival's many components. Just a few fundamental structural decisions include 1.) non-competive scheduling 2.) collective curation of many of the events and exhibitions 3.) public organizing via a wiki, shared gmail address and google documents, and 4.) documentation of organizational sessions and meetings, e-mails, and as many “traces” of the process as possible formed into a gallery exhibition open to the public during the festival:

Events at Glasshouse:

>> Friday, July 5, 4- 6pm
BIPAF Exhibition opening, organizational reflection + soup

>> Saturday, July 6, 1- 5pm
Gallery hours- Framing BIPAF Exhibition

>> Tuesday, July 9, 4- 8pm
4-5pm: Performance by Sarah Butler
5-6pm: NEO DOMESTICITIES: artists spaces, studios, and homemakers (roundtable and soup)
6:15-7pm: Performance by Marni Kotak
7-8pm: Performances by Jessica Kaire and Rae Goodwin

>> Friday, July 12, 4- 8pm
PERFORMANCE PASSED- A performative roundtable in which performance art history questions are documented and past performances are reminisced and seanced.

>> Saturday, July 13, 1-5pm
1-4pm- Performance by Ryan Hawk
4-5pm: Performances by Rafael Sanchez

>> Tuesday, July 16, 6- 11pm
6:30-8pm: Performance by Kikuko Tanaka
Live-video-making with Kikuko Tanaka and Japanese curry
7pm-11pm: PERFORMANCY FORUM-Politics/Identity
How are artists categorized via identity? How does the poltiical operation of performance art relate with the artist's identity and how are identifications made for political and institutional reasons? What effects do identifications have on the audiences experiencing the work and on the artists themselves? Jolie Pichardo, Anna Kalwajtys and Karolina Kubik, Jon Konkol, Hoesy Corona. Each artist performs, brief group talkback afterwards

>> Thursday, July 18, 6- 7:30pm
Long Table: Performance Art And Politics- Body and Art In The Americas
Body-based performance art, or Body Art, often uses the performer's own flesh as a site for dealing with agency, human rights, identity, and human being itself. As a current of performance art running throughout the Americas as developed by artists such as Artur Barrio, Ana Mendieta, Rocío Boliver/La Congelada de Uva, and Ron Athey (the latter two joining us for this Long Table) and many others, We ask, how do these relations—often threatening, testing, and fetishizing the body's material flesh—also threaten power paradigms or enable other transformations? How do artists find their own lives transformed by their practices? What tales do their scars tell, and why? Join us for this special discussion in the format of a Long Table—a performance format conceived by Lois Weaver that experiments with participation and public engagement by reappropriating a dinner table atmosphere as a public forum, and encouraging informal conversations on serious topics. This event is co-sponsored by the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival and the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics

>> Friday, July 19, 4- 8:30 pm
A 4.5 hour research office open to the public, with research/performances by Mari Novotny-Jones, Teena Lange, Nicole Brydson, Chloë Bass, Anya Liftig, Dave Ruder, Lital Dotan, Esther Neff and others.

>> Saturday, July 20, 11- 4pm
1-4pm: Lecture As Performance
Jaamil Kosoko & Marjani Forte, babyskinglove(Bailey Nolan), Nathaniel Sullivan and others deliver performative/performance lectures.

>> Sומday, July 21, 11- 1pm
Angela Washko Curates Performance Event

>> Tuesday, July 23, 4- 11pm
4pm-5:30pm: Dovrat Meron presents photos and videos of her ongoing project Untranslatable Words
5:30pm-7pm: From Site-Specific Performance to Hit and Run Interventions in the Public Realm- Roundtable discussion moderated by Dovrat Meron, with Monica Valenzuela (Staten Island Arts), Cara Starke (Creative Time) and artists Molly Schaffner & Nick Cregor, Maria Hupfield, Geraldo Mercado, Matthew Silver, Dan McKereghan, Rafael Sanchez.
9pm-11pm: Performance by John Bonafede 

>> Friday, July 26, 5:30- 9pm
Andy Horwitz (Cuturebot) and Chloë Bass (BIPAF) stage a final four debate on the future of performance. All debates are structured around false binaries. The winner shall have prizes.
7pm-9pm: Framing BIPAF Exhibition CLOSING
Spiked punch, performance/drinking game by Larissa Hayden (The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies, S.A.S.S).

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image: Anna Kalwajtys/ FREEING THE MIND