• Date: 1/18/2014



Curated by Bradford Kessler

Saturday, January 18, 7- 10pm

"Philosophy is really homesickness, it is the urge to be at home everywhere."


Glasshouse is pleased to host 'Homesickness', a one night show curated by Bradford Kessler, with guest-artists who use a wide range of domestic materials for performance and object making to explore the abstract dynamics of home life both on the internet and in physical space. Without getting lost in philosophical delirium, the exhibition as a whole is simply inspired by the domestic graphic seen on the 404 error and pre-launch page viewed at any address hosted by Go Daddy (the largest registration company of domains on the internet). There is something comforting yet hauntingly dry and melancholic about this image of a loan touristy shirt hanging in a dark closet. The text above it reads "Future home of something quite cool". Together they represent the potential for creative "cool" content to be added by an individual or a company; a tabula rasa of web domains.

Participating Artists:
Labanna Babalon, Andrew Birk, Jonathan Chapline, Angela Conant, Debora, Delmar Corp, Jesse Greenberg, Lena Henke, Parker Ito, Dove James, Marie Karlberg, R. Lyon, Raul De Nieves, Kristin Smallwood, Jasper Spicero, Jessie Stead, Yasmeen Sudairy, Katie Torn, Yard666Sale