A Festival of In/Confluence in the Spirit of Arakawa and Gins

June 4 - 7, 12-5 PM

Organized by friends and colleagues of Madeline Gins and Arakawa

with the support of SenseLab, The Reversible Destiny Foundation and Glasshouse



WED: Procedurality-
What did A+G add to art? Beyond abstraction, minimalism, conceptualism and 'pataphysics.
Procedurality- Where did it come from and where might it lead?

THUR: Landing Site Theory and Biotopology
What is this art-science of sited awareness that underlies their strategy to stop dying in its tracks?
and- Philosophy, psychology, pathway to transhumanism?

FRI: Procedural Architecture
What makes a work of architecture procedural? How does a procedural work work?
How will procedural architecture proceed?

SAT: Architectural Body
What is the full range of the body's capabilities? How are these activated in architecture? What other practices can be drawn on for growing the architectural body?

  • Date: 6/4/2014

  • Arakawa + Gins Festival Program

    Arakawa + Gins Festival Program