• Date: 7/25/2014


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Crystal Jukebox Hymn


devised from Bob Dylan's novel 'Tarantula'

Creator/Director: G.J. Dowding

10 characters are woven together in a poetry and prose driven performance traversing through a crime scene, a bar, a forest, an asylum and everywhere in between, always with an inherent call for the road and noise on the street. Social hierarchy and issues of prejudice, minority, propaganda, war and privacy that exist within are all unravelled through the rhythmic stream of conscious flow of Bob Dylan's words.
J.R. Yussuf as Narrator/Chief of Police, Ionie Bernstein as Aretha, Hunter MacNair as The Crazy Mailman, Reneé Meyers as The Housewife, Coco Conroy as Claudette, Virginia Rupert as The Senator, Elisa Marti as Mary of the Temple, Yael Shavitt as Jane Russell and Jake Trissler as Prince Hamlet.

G.J. Dowding is a Brooklyn based writer, director, and theater artist. Past original works include Quizzically Quimsical at the Gene Frankel Theatre and (Miss)ter Silhouette Man as part of the HOT! Festival at Dixon Place. He recently directed and produced a series of performances of Tennessee Williams' Something Cloudy, Something Clear at The Invisible Dog, The Wild Project and Dixon Place. He was the assistant director/stage manager for Pink Melon Joy at the Tennessee Williams Theater Festival this past September and, more recently, at Cloud City (Brave New World). He is the emcee and founder of the performance laboratory Smoke From The Ashtray.