• Date: 12/14/2013



Performance by Laura Sofía Pérez, Natalia Lassalle, and Iván Malespín

Saturday, December 14, 7- 11 pm

Brooklyn, New York -- On Saturday, December 14, The Glasshouse unveils an immersive performative ode to women who, by virtue of their talents and personalities, have stimulated awareness of heritage and self-assertiveness through the paradigm of Afrocentricity.
Wimmin incites a trajectory through the various rooms of the Glasshouse that takes the form of a mystical reality: the Afro-Surreal. The event features a celebration of the dancing female body through movement, weaved into time-based Installations and musical narratives that portray, through new eyes, the rich legacy of women in music, our ancestry, and the collective unconscious.
This body of work is informed by African tradition of music, dance, and ritual; one that is characterized by being community-based, inclusive, and participatory. Driven by the desire to provoke thought about classifications of race, gender, and social class, the performers revisit rituals and traditions by embodying the invisible and taking the form of mythical characters. The figure of the woman, or wimmin, is an emblem of renouncement to existing roles of servitude placed upon the denominated African Americans, Latinos, queer folk, and women themselves.

Iván Malespín, vocals, trombone, rhythm guitar
Tamara Davidson, vocals
Travis Anetoine, trumpet
Michael Davenport, saxophones
Javi Santiago, keys
Kai Lyons, lead guitar
Carlos Alabaci, bass
Alexander Da Silva, bass

Amaury Acosta, drums
Laura Sofía Pérez, video, installation, sound
[All arrangements on first set by Iván Malespín.]

Natalia Lassalle, choreography, movement
Carissa Matsushima, movement, piano

Sophia Treanor, movement
Victoria Myrthil, movement

[Movement and dance choreographed by Natalia Lassalle.]
Cecilia Leal, endurance vocals
Desirée González Garcés, food
Genevieve Robin, photography

Laura Sofía Pérez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and currently lives and works in New York City. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from Parsons: The New School for Design and has exhibited her work in a series of group shows and art galleries in San Juan and the East Coast including Amo Studios, Throat Art's Gallery Truck Show, The Old Arsenal of the Spanish Marine in Old San Juan, and the arts festival Santurce es ley. She has collaborated in Set Design for productions presented at Zebulon, Tisch School of the Arts, and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.
Her most recent projects, often in collaboration with musical acts, consist of installations through which she manipulates architectural structures that result in soft spaces dominated by a dynamic, experiential, and flexible paradigm of space and architecture. Through projections, light, and sound, she evokes experiences of intimate space that allow for a deepening and expansion of the conscience.

Natalia Lassalle is a performer, choreographer, and theatre maker born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She received her BFA from the Experimental Theatre Wing at New York University, where she directed, choreographed, and performed En Tránsito, a theatrical installation. She has also performed under the guidance of Simone Forti, Kate Whorriskey, Sally Silver, Tina Shepard, and Ni’Ja Whitson. Her choreography focuses on how the body reacts, transforms, and transcends its own limitations by committing to rigorous movement, time structures, and spatial constraints that lead the body to explore altered states of consciousness.

Iván Malespín is a multi-instrumentalist, composer-arranger, raw foodist, and visionary. His talents were fostered early on at the prestigious New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida, where he studied jazz, trombone, and theory. By the time Iván was 18, he had performed across North America with a myriad of jazz icons through numerous festivals and outreach programs. Upon graduating from NWSA in 2008, Iván moved to New York City to attend New School University on a full scholarship. Living in New York offered him the opportunity to be a part the city's thriving artistic and intellectual community, which had a profound effect on his development as a musician and thinker. Iván routinely worked with New York's top musicians in a variety of musical settings ranging from jazz to salsa, R&B, kompa, and more. Having graduated from The New School with a Bachelor of Arts in Culture and Media Studies and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Performance, Iván has turned his attention towards a number of collaborative projects such as Ivanhoe, with Laura Sofía Pérez, and the KnuckleHead Express, with Project KnuckleHead. Recently returning to his native Miami, Iván is committed to performing new material, developing original concepts, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.