• Date: 4/16/2014

Researcher In Residence

Sara Jane Bailes

Dinner, Talk, Workshop, Performance

April 16 - May 7

"What does it mean to "fail" in performance? How might staging failure reveal theater's potential to expand our understanding of social, political, and everyday reality? What can we learn from performances that expose and then celebrate their ability to fail?" SJB

Sunday, April 20, 5- 9pm
Shared Failures
Show & Tell over Potluck Dinner
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Tuesday, April 22, 8pm
Through a collection of images, videos and texts Sara Jane Bailes illustrates thoughts about failure and performance.

Tuesday, April 29, 11am-2pm

Tuesday, May 6, 7-11pm
Quiet Practice
Performance Evening

Sara Jane Bailes is a writer, theatre-artist and Reader in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Sussex (UK) where she teaches performance and experimental theatre practice. She received her Masters and PhD in Performance Studies at NYU. She mentors young practitioners and companies and is interested in histories of composition and rehearsal methods in collaborative practice, and the processes and methods artists develop around practice. She publishes and lectures internationally in a variety of web-based and live contexts. Her monograph, Performance Theatre and the Poetics of Failure, was published by Routledge (2011) and a co-edited collection, Beckett and Musicality, is forthcoming (2014).

For this 3-week residency at Glasshouse, I’ll take up some of the ideas explored in my book on the poetics of failure and performance theatre and also develop several of the writing collaborations I am currently working on with different theatre and performance makers. I hope to exchange with local artists (who I’ve never met) and collaborate with artists who I have already established relationships with in NYC. I’m interested in the notion of what I call a ‘quiet practice’, that is, the projects we imagine but never make, the ideas that begin but never find a process of articulation. I’m especially excited to engage, as a temporary visitor, with Lital’s proposition about how one might host an idea, or host a writing practice, or host processes of thinking and collaboration within a temporary and unstable community.