Musical group, New-York

Events at Glasshouse include Audio-Visual installation at Glasshouse opening night and 24h sound installations among others.

Fates are American composer Django Voris and British-born artist PJ Norman. They met in New York City in early 2009. Their shared passion for electronic experimentation led to a set of improvisation sessions with Swiss electronic artist Moritz Wettstein. The sessions were recorded at Harvestworks, the foundation co- founded by Bob Moog to support experimental music. The recordings led to "Murky Circuits", an LP release on PJ Norman's 100m Records label imprint in 2010 which met enthusiastic reviews from the electronic music press, describing it a "post-glitch triumph" (Cyclic Defrost) and "one of the most original electronic records of the year" (The Milk Factory).

Visit their website here: www.fatesarekind.com

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