• Date: 2/25/2017

Winter Residency 2017


Saturday, February 25, 6-10p

Participatory Installation by Céline Pelcé

In different domains such as food, anatomy, geology, «La croûte» (the crust) is the part of a soft, fragile material that heals and gets solid in contact with an external element. The crust is ambiguous : it protects as it hides, it raises desire as it might repels, it can evokes curiosity as fear of the unknown.

Céline Pelcé will present an edible installation as an analogy between gastronomy and geology, built as a landscape of destruction. The eater will be invited to a collective action to discover « what is underneath » by digging, excavating, consuming the multiple crusted piece. 

For this installation, Céline collaborates with baker Mary Ellen Muzio for the research and production of this work .


Bio: Céline Pelcé (Fr) creates ephemeral works on the intersection between architecture and food. As a food artist, she expresses the relationship between food and architecture by disrupting usual rules that make gastronomy success, and transgressing culinary standards. She works through collaborations with chefs and craftsmen, exploring the fields of crafts and architecture to lead her research on edible materials. Most of her works are installations, some of them activated by the artist, the others activated by the visitors, and everything always ends in a collective moment of eating. 



image: Food Apparatus » 2013, action, Berlin.