• Date: 4/20/2017

Video Performance Exhibition

I Walk In Swirls

Lital Dotan

April 21 - May 7, 2017

opening reception: Friday, April 21, 8-10pm


The hummingbird flaps her wings up to 52 times a second in order to hover.

Her wings extend throughout the whole stroke, forming a symmetrical figure of eight. Infinity. So much effort to just stay put.

‘I Walk In Swirls’ reflects on the state of migration; or rather on immigration as a state of infinite migration; or at the immigrant as one that carries the inherent failure to arrive.

The exhibition presents 9 video performances and objects positioned throughout the gallery all dealing with the state of transient identity, mediated through monitors and projections.  


Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday by appointment

Lital Dotan (b. Israel, 1979) is an immersive artist & curator working with performance, video and installation art; her works are dedicated to creating independent environments for sustainable performance practice, presentation and preservation. She is the co-founder and artistic director of Glasshouse in Brooklyn. In 2015 Dotan founded Que sal mah, a bespoke dressmaking studio that merges performance art, choreography and fashion design, where clients book a one-to-one performance session culminating in a dress. Her immersive stage play 'Second Floor' is currently under production and planned to premiere in 2018.  Her immersive art works and performances have been exhibited in museums and galleries world-wide such as the Israel Museum, National Museum Cracow, Queens Museum, Haifa Museum, Jewish Contemporary SF to name a few and was featured in magazines such as DNA Info, NY Mag, Paper Mag, ArtSlant, Haaretz, Huffington Post, VISION China, TAR Magazine and many more. Since early in her artistic career, she has collaborated with photographer Eyal Perry who is responsible for the photography of her work.