Guided visit at Glasshouse>>

In addition to providing space for performance to happen, our entire space is an exhibition of performance and its sustainability. Questions about archiving, performance mechanisms, documentation and living echo from the installations on view, which are weaved into the sensorial living functionalities. 

Schedule a visit at Glasshouse to experience our Kitchen exhibition, Works on Paper, Performance sculptures, photography and much more. 

Our dynamic installation offers an accumulating ever changing presentation of performance archived exhibits, as well as videos, video installations, photography and objects. 

Guided tours at Glasshouse can be scheduled for Saturday afternoons. Admission is $15/person

For further information contact us at: contact-at-glasshouseproject-dot-org

  • BarBed


  • Hugging Device

    Hugging Device

  • Performance Scores Algorithms

    Performance Scores Algorithms

  • The Bubble/ Heterochronos

    The Bubble/ Heterochronos

  • The Confession Booth

    The Confession Booth

  • Daily Routine

    Daily Routine

  • Refugee's Refuge

    Refugee's Refuge

  • Public Eye/ Video Sculpture

    Public Eye/ Video Sculpture

  • Entrance view

    Entrance view

  • Performance Documentation Wall

    Performance Documentation Wall

  • Our Bed/ Refugee's Wall

    Our Bed/ Refugee's Wall

  • My Closet

    My Closet

  • Sleeping Surround

    Sleeping Surround

  • Exit/ Storefront

    Exit/ Storefront